Blog from Sue Bartlett – PDSA Community Vet Nurse Manager

Blog from Sue Bartlett – PDSA Community Vet Nurse Manager picture

Following the success of our ‘Avoiding the crash box crisis’ CPD session at VetFest 2019, we’re really excited to be returning with even more sessions for our nursing stream this year.

As well as bringing back this very popular session, we’re adding two new options to our programme: ‘Career progression beyond the clinical RVN’ and ‘A holistic approach to consults and conversations around pet health and wellbeing’.

So why are we running them? Why should you venture over to PDSA for your CPD?

We’re running sessions FOR nurses, developed and delivered BY nurses. We’ve been where you are, we know the struggles and frustrations you face on a daily basis and we can help you find solutions.

You’ve only got to hear that one word….’CRASH’! It can change the mood and running order of the whole shift for better or worse. What does prep look like in your practice? Is it calm and methodical?   Or, as probably occurs far more often than we’d like to admit, are people running around like headless chickens, some maybe even avoiding the area altogether for fear of ‘getting it wrong’? Avoiding the crash box crisis centres around teamwork and how managing yourself, your colleagues and others around you can develop a more effective, efficient team. This is a practical session where we’ll discuss how you can bring a new approach to enable you and your colleagues to handle a crash situation with confidence.

Have you ever felt as if you’re wasting your breath in consults?  You just can’t get the client to see beyond their own thoughts about how best to ensure their pet lives a healthy, happy life. If this sounds familiar, our holistic approach to consults and conversations around pet health and wellbeing might be just the thing you’re looking for. We’ll take you through some techniques and real life examples of how to use a structured framework to guide your client with a holistic approach. Using specific questioning techniques and communication skills, you’ll learn to get ‘buy-in’ on your recommendations whilst building a trusting relationship with your clients. By looking at the whole picture rather than just the presenting signs, and by taking your client on that journey with you, this can lead to more positive wellbeing outcomes. Not only for the pets in your care, but the clients and your own personal wellbeing too, which is vitally important.

And finally, if you’ve been in practice for a while and are wondering what else is out there as far as career progression goes, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss our Career progression beyond the clinical RVN session. We’ll be talking about traditional career pathways, but also role diversification - there are so many options out there where you can use your gained skills and experience in roles beyond the clinical RVN. We’ll have a guest speaker who has done just that, and you’ll have the opportunity to pick their brains on the highs and lows of stepping away from a typical RVN role.

Pre-bookings for our nursing stream sessions will be online shortly. We’re really looking forward to seeing you at our PDSA Village, whether to attend one of our sessions, or just to find out what life is like with the PDSA.

We’d love to meet you and talk to you about career opportunities at PDSA, whether in practice or otherwise. See you soon!




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