VET Festival announces the VETFest Conversation with Jonathan Ross OBE for 2018

VET Festival announces the VETFest Conversation with Jonathan Ross OBE for 2018 picture

This year at VET Festival we are thrilled to introduce the VETFest Conversation, with television and radio presenter Jonathan Ross OBE.

This year at VET Festival we are thrilled to introduce the VETFest Conversation, with television and radio presenter Jonathan Ross OBE.

Following the huge success of Russell Brand’s appearance at the event last year to share his views on wellness and what that meant to him, we wanted to create a similar experience for our delegates that would feel as relevant and personal to their everyday lives as it did in the field with Russell in 2017. We are delighted that Jonathan has agreed to join us in an exclusive appearance on Friday night to reflect on some of the common experiences, fears and thoughts all people from all walks of life share. 

Moving away from the traditional conference keynote format, the VETFest Conversation will be a relaxed discussion between Jonathan and founder of the event, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, set in an inviting inclusive setting that invites all present to feel and be a part of the conversation.

This is a unique opportunity not available at any other event within the industry and beyond. It is a chance to be part of an intimate community who share not only a profession, but similar values and outlooks on life. With Jonathan, the VETFest Conversation will be an entertaining and insightful conclusion to the first day of the conference before the VETFest Party night. 

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, said, “We are so excited that Jonathan has agreed to join us for the official launch of the VETFest Conversation on Friday night. Jonathan will offer an illuminating new perspective on some of the matters we will all relate to professionally and personally. This is so much more meaningful than just a chat between two people. We wanteveryone present to feel part of the conversation and converse together as openly and comfortably as is we were in your living room. This is what the VETFest Conversation is about, a really special experience.

VET Festival has always and will forever be about providing a dynamic and engaging event that empowers all veterinary professionals who attend to leave the field with not only educational development, but deep personal enrichment too. We all feel the stresses and strains of failure, financial stress, management challenges, difficult inter-personal relationships, self-confidence, fear and even depression. We lose our connectedness to each other with the weight of these burdens. 

This conference isn’t just about Veterinary Education for Tomorrow – it’s about looking after each other. With the VETFest Conversation we are aiming for something new; something that depends entirely on raw emotion, passion, knowledge and willingness to share. We want to be the best we can be, together in the open air surrounded by kindness and collegiality.

Together we hope to entertain and inform, and in doing so join together with everyone present not only as a profession, but as a global community. If you are struggling, professionally and/or personally, we want to reach out a hand and reassure you that you are not alone – we are all in this together. Whether you are a vet, a nurse, a rehab professional or a TV presenter, we share fears and disappointments as well as joy and fulfilment. Our motivation is to collectively become a positive force for good, so that every one of us, our friends and family, our work colleagues, our businesses, our profession and even our world may benefit.

There is nothing out there like this – and we want to lead the way in setting the agenda that this really does matter and create a lasting and meaningful community of compassion.”

At the heart of the conference is the theme of Wellness, which hopes to inspire delegates to explore what Wellness means to them personally and try and find joy and fulfilment in their vocation - Gaining peace of mind and health of body.

The VETFest Conversation is open to all delegates at VET Festival and takes place after the clinical programme on Friday 8th June at 6.00pm – 6.45pm. 


Jonathan Ross is not available for comment and there will be no opportunity for photos or video of the discussion or press/journalist coverage.





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