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Excellence in Therapy

Excellence in Therapy
Photo of Excellence in Therapy

Carol Batchelor

After graduating with a PhD in canine musculoskeletal anatomy and biomechanics followed by an advanced certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy, and initially spending a few years working as a veterinary physiotherapist at a rehab centre in Hampshire followed by becoming The Dogs Trusts first veterinary physiotherapist and hydrotherapist, Carol Ann set up her small animal rehabilitation clinic in 2017. She had identified a need for such a centre in Melton Mowbray and when she found a suitable unit she renovated it creating a specialised rehabilitation centre which included a top of the line hydrotherapy treadmill. Over the past 4 years the business has grown almost exponentially, including the addition of three other therapists, with Carol Ann constantly looking at ways to improve the centre by upgrading facilities and equipment, and by offering additional services, in order to provide the best possible therapy for her patients. This includes class IV laser therapy, stance analysis system and a solarium for post therapy warming.

As well as the in clinic therapy she provides extensive at home support including comprehensive and personalised therapy programs for her patients. Creating what I believe to be the most comprehensive small animal physiotherapy service in the Leicestershire and Rutland area. She has built up an enviable reputation and gained the trust of both referring veterinary surgeons and her clients, and and has helped numerous animals over the past few years, both those suffering from chronic degenerative conditions and those that require pre and/or post operative rehab, plus being specifically recommended by local and referral vets for complex cases including a cats and rabbits, as well as dogs (several of these have kindly provided testimonials on her website

During the national lockdown in March, Carol Ann adapted quickly, offering comprehensive home therapy plans, video consultations and guided massage sessions to help keep her patients going as well as possible until the clinic could re-open, as well as setting up a YouTube channel with a mix of videos showing how to do home exercises and videos showing how patients progress in their sessions, a monthly newsletter to keep clients up to date and tell them about aspects of physiotherapy, and she updated her website and blog to help keep clients informed of what is happening at the clinic. Valiant Veterinary Physiotherapy, and Carol Ann herself, have gained an incredibly positive reputation with clients coming from all over the county to be treated at the clinic.



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