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Excellence in Therapy

Excellence in Therapy
Photo of Excellence in Therapy

Kirsty Skeates

Kirsty should receive the Honor for Excellence in Therapy for her outstanding contributions in the Canine Hydrotherapy field. She has gone above and beyond for each and every client who she treats Kirsty shares her Passion for Rehabilitation and helping clients with her team and the community.

One of the initiates that she has set up is the Tilly Fund which helps and supports dog in rescue centres waiting to find a new home, this provides them with rehabilitation to help dogs in need with recovery from injury or operations.

In March the East Yorkshire Food Bank, called out for dog food as they did not have any left in their stock rooms as they know owners would make sure their dogs were feed first and they would go with out, so we decided to help and support with this and took action, the team lead by Kirsty were able to donated over 80kgs of dog food and are still making donations to keep them stocked up. OnlinePet Health, Kirsty is a member of this online community and education platform, taking an active role in supporting other rehab therapists with attending online meetings and community groups.

Kirsty has taken it to the next step and has become a mentor with their mentor program and helps other therapists with business, marketing and general support. As an award winning centre Kirstys dedication to the field of rehabilitation is an inspiration and we are sure the future and her support and commitment is going to help more animals and other therapists to live their best lives.



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