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Practice of the Year

Practice of the Year
Photo of Practice of the Year

Ash Tree Vets

Ash Tree Vets holds a very special place in my heart and I truly believe it deserves recognition as Practice of the Year.

It is hard not to sound cliched, but it really is a family. There are many unique individuals, strong characters and wonderful personalities who all come together to make a dedicated, passionate team. 2020 pushed the boundaries for everyone but we have found ways to support each other, keep morale up when all you want to do is close down the shutters and keep working as a team throughout. As a multi site practice we ensure that everyone is included and messages are sent practice wide. We have a private staff Facebook group to share stories, ideas, anecdotes and keep everyone up to date. Our ‘Employee of the Month’ award has given quieter colleagues the chance to shine; all nominations are shared with the wider team, which gives a boost to individuals where they feel acknowledged and recognised. We have a Wellbeing Team and although this year hasn’t quite gone to plan with the scheduled meet ups/day trips etc, they still provide in-house care, weekly ‘Paws for Thought’ messages. We ensure team engagement with ‘Friday Funday’s’ with in house competitions (Guess the number of sweets in a Jar) which may sound trivial but it picks people up when they are feeling down. Our Pumpkin Carving competition was a great success and we look forward to an equally competitive festive Gingerbread House bake off challenge. Our annual summer party was replaced with sweet & savoury treat boxes to try and bring a smile. We have an open door policy and try and ensure the wellbeing of the entire team.

Everyone at the practice is incredibly committed to client and patient care. The frontline staff have faced a really tough year. They have been the first point of contact for clients during a very difficult time for all. We lost a large number of staff due to shielding, but remained in contact with them all and kept them fully included and updated, reassuring them that they would soon be back in our midst. Our vets have a very wide skill set, offering a brilliant level of expertise. We are supported by a talented, confident nursing team, who keep the vets in line! We take on students every year so that they can benefit from learning in a supportive, friendly environment ensuring that they get an excellent grounding in nursing skills. Our admin team give us behind the scenes support, keeping everything running smoothly, ensuring our social media is impactful and engaging, keeping the health care club active….all done with a smile and glint in the eye! I am so proud of everyone at Ash Tree and could not be more thankful that I get to spend my time with such incredible individuals.



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