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Practice of the Year

The London Vet
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The London Vet

Our team at the London Vet, in times of severe challenge over the last 12 months, have flourished. A relatively new independent clinic we were only a very small team when the news of Covid struck, but have grown and safely adapted to now. The first lock down was nothing less than terrifying but together, possible! Thankfully our clients were hugely understanding and grateful also. The team supported each other, we started growing vegetables or as we called it “The London Veg” at The London Vet in our garden. Nurturing and having something else to focus on was really important to keep us all going, everyone got involved! Kindness. Kindness oozes here, and my fellow colleagues have each and ever day checked on each other and not one ever seemingly put themselves first. From staring to bake goods, to possibly having a tipple together on a Friday with “botanicals” from the garden, I feel this pandemic has if anything, made us stronger. For our elderly clients we would take it in turns to deliver meds/food, and for those at the door with heart breaking stories, just be an ear. Not price can be out on time. We all seemingly became expert counsellors during this time and everyone wanted to be there for our clients and the news of their extended families. Taking the time to go the extra mile is what we’re about.

One of our own colleagues lost both her grandparents within the same month, one from Covid. And yet every day she came in, and wanted to help, make a difference to a patient, that kept her going and spirits up. I really want to say thank you, and as it truly is to every member, practice of the year seems most fitting. Thank you for the opportunity to stop and say thank you! It is such a cohesive unit it would be impossible to single out an individual. Vicky Hogg the owner and chief vet is a person of ethics and the highest clinical skill and knowledge. She recruits people for her team that share her standards and who work seamlessly to better the lives of animals and owners. She is dedicated to being an independent practice which works long hours, deals with every client as an individual and keeps up to date with every new medical advance. Simply the best vet I have been to in 40 years.

Vicky provides the highest standard of professional care in a truly caring, compassionate setting. She provides the sane level of caring and compassion to her team and they also practice these principles at all times towards their clients. It's a warm, welcoming and reassuring atmosphere that has not diminished despite the challenges of the pandemic. Simply the best in every way. They didn't take a day off during lock down and within their first year of operating have become a well loved member of our community.



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