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Vet Nurse

Vet Nurse
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Kate Etridge

Kate has been a qualified veterinary nurse since 2004 and been in practice for 21 years since she was 18! Kate has always been a compassionate person with regards to animal welfare. She gives her time freely to help local charities where she can whether that be helping hand rearing puppies/kittens or giving them the highest quality care whilst in the veterinary practice , to taking home very poorly patients (with owners consent) to provide the best 24hr care. Kate is always happy to give her time and advice to clients, friends and family and is always at the end of the phone when you need her. But don’t just take our word about Kate, have a look below at what clients, work colleagues had to say...

Kate has worked for us for many years. She is a very valued member of our team! She always greets our clients with a smiley face and polite manner and likes to get to know every single client/animal to create a bond. She’s always looking to improve her veterinary knowledge by keeping up to date with CPD meaning she can give clients the best and most up to date care! When we go on holiday we always put Kate in charge of our practice and our personal pets care. We sincerely hope Kate is awarded Vet Nurse of the year as we feel she deserves this and more!

Kate was nominated for this award for her passion and commitment for animal welfare. We are delighted to recognise the dedication and hard work that Kate puts into both her job and the wider animal welfare rescue’s. The Vet Nurse of the Year Award is to showcase those vet nurses who go above and beyond and Kate certainly does this. It’s been a really challenging year for all veterinary staff across the UK with the Covid-19 pandemic having to adapt to new ways of working whilst still giving high quality care. The rescue’s Kate works along side in her veterinary practice are Gainsborough Feral Rescue, Lincoln Cat Care, Page’s Pet Rescue and Cats Protect on League. Some of the cases that come through the rescues are quite challenging and upsetting for instance take Gerald. This cat came in found by a member of the public unable to see or open his mouth and was very thin. Upon further examination on it became apparent Gerald had wounds with multiple maggots and fly larvae and his jaw was fractured both upper and lower. We spent the best part of 2hours removing maggots, cleaning wounds and repairing his fractured jaw. Gerald was scanned for a microchip but sadly didn’t have one so funds were sought from local rescues to aid his recovery and rehabilitation, now 6 months on Gerald now has a beautiful new home and is living his best life with thanks to Gordon, Amanda, Kate and the rescue teams!

Kate is passionate and advocate for the benefits of water and land based exercises to help and improve fitness and aid in the recovery of animals. She is well motivated and is always finding time for personal development. Kates passion for finding new rehabilitation methods to help clients pets to aid in their recovery she recently attended a course in Laser Therapy and now she delivers this in the veterinary practice and Hydrotherapy centre. Bonds well with clients Kate builds amazing bond and trust with her clients as they are all made to feel welcome when coming into the centre. This review from her client shows how Kates makes clients relaxed as she shares her knowledge. When I first brought Lia for treatment I was a little nervous as was Lia. We were both made to feel so welcome by the staff and Kate explained in detail what was going to happen and why, she showed me the cruciate knee model to enhance my understanding. During the session both Lia and myself became very relaxed, Kate took things slowly initially to get Lia used to the treadmill. Both Lia and I really enjoy the sessions now and Lia’s mobility and zest for life is improving each week. All the staff are very helpful, honest and answer any concerns however small without making me feel silly. Lia has now started laser therapy treatment with Kate which again was explained in detail before starting, as Lia has only had 2 treatments so far, we are hopeful for her recovery but watch this space!



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