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Vet Nurse
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Kathleen Gamble

I would like to nominate Kathleen Gamble for Nurse of the Year and get her the recognition I whole heartedly believe she deserves. Kat was promoted to Deputy Head Nurse in February of 2020, after demonstrating her leadership skills, passion for supporting the team and eagerness to drive the business forward. She had spent the previous year working hard on client engagement, running First Aid Course evenings and being involved with Puppy Parties. When Covid struck she navigated the constant change in requirements for the business. She bolstered the entire nursing team and ensured that despite the stress and personal anxieties of many, she continued to keep morale up.

She navigated the constant change in requirements for the business, altering rotas, organising the postal service for medication, ensured our students continued to get the training required to complete their course. She was available outside working hours and during weekends to support management and was fully engaged with ensuring that the practice continued to run smoothly. She stepped up covering inpatient duties on both weeknights and weekends due to the loss of the nursing team on furlough. She supported reception, which became the most challenging department to work on as the frontline.

She is also an exceptional clinical nurse, with a wide skill set, brilliant patient care and great client communication skills. Her constant enthusiasm for the role and ensuring the highest standards are met is inspiring to be around. She is dedicated to the ongoing teaching of student nurses and ensures she gives them the time and support required. Kat is hugely respected and valued by the entire team.



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