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Vet Nurse

Vet Nurse
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Robyn Lowe

Robyn is a vibrant dedicated Vet Nurse who has worked on a volunteer basis with animals since she was four. Her passion and enthusiasm for this profession has only grown since then with a thirst for gaining knowledge to care for and help owners manage their animals with the very latest evidence based medicine.

A team player and change champion, Robyn contributes widely to her profession showing ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication but is also able to work autonomously. She sets high standards for herself and will always go the extra mile, happily sharing her time and knowledge to help vulnerable animals. She is an adept communicator, putting information in many different formats depending on her audience and uses her Vet Nurse skills to enhance her patients’ quality of life whenever she is able.

She spent years of her life at the Horse and Pony Protection Association (HAPPA) and later at a local rescue and rehabilitation yard where she met a veterinary surgeon who inspired her to join their busy mixed practice for her first work experience in 2008. She travelled to Thailand to volunteer her knowledge and skills working with elephants, horses, goats, pigs, water buffalo, cats and dogs.

She is a volunteer for Street Paws, an RCVS registered charity providing free accessible vet care and kennel provisions to homeless people and those in crisis in the UK. The hard work and dedication of the volunteers are astonishing and she is honoured to be part of the team.

Working in a worldwide pandemic has been particularly challenging and Robyn would be extremely proud to be considered for this prestigious award. Many lives have been affected and pet owners have been particularly anxious about their animals and how they could access services. Robyn has adapted her practice under extreme pressure to support clients and owners, utilising phone consultations to gather as much information as possible prior to examination ensuring her clients and owners feel supported and encouraged when she did their follow up consultations.

Robyn’s dedication to animals has led her to be a supportive role model for the Veterinary Nursing profession as a Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) volunteer Advisor. She is responsible for the CAM shop blog, has written CAM conversations as well as doing Facebook live sessions, writing and editing owner handouts and academic literature for UK and worldwide publication, including a blog about the important role of the nurse in arthritis care for dogs. She is able to guide other vet nurses with her extensive knowledge and experience making a huge difference to the lives of dogs and owners as arthritis and chronic pain are very complex diseases. This year her role as a CAM advisor has been particularly paramount giving much needed support and advice to anxious owners of arthritic dogs utilising the very latest tools and evidence based guidance to help manage and improve the quality of life for dogs with this debilitating disease.



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